Micro Concrete Flooring

Micro Concrete is a thinly applied cement based coating which is available in over 40 colours. Our system can can be applied on a variety of surfaces including wood, screed or existing tiles.
The Micro Concrete Flooring Co are passionate about floors, specialising in polished concrete finishes we offer a selection of high end solutions to suit your flooring requirement.
We’re not just a Polished Concrete company, we also install beautiful resin floors as well. Resin is otherwise known as seamless, poured or rubber floors and is becoming ever more popular with due to the versatile nature of the product and the seamless beauty that it offers with both residential and commercial environments due to the popularity of of current interior design television programmes.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Beautiful range of polished concrete overlays from as little as 6mm in depth and an ideal solution for both residential and commercial flooring.

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Micro Concrete offers minimal disruption during the application process, no heavy or noisy equipment is used and application is undertaken by hand, therefore it can be applied in practically any environment.