MicroCrete® Seamless Surface Coating.

MicroCrete® is a one component coating formulated with cement, selected aggregates, editors, inorganic dyes and synthetic resins.
Once mixed and subsequently extended or projected results in a pavement / coating of mortar between 2 and 6 mm (depending the surface) of great originality and beauty, characteristics that make it ideal for coating new concrete surfaces, old, cement mortar and ceramics of any kind. Both horizontal and vertical applications are possible.

Tipe: MicroCreteTM
Appearance: White Powder
Apparent density: Powder: 1.300 kg/m3. Solids content: 100%
Open Time: 60 minutes. re-mix every 15 minutes. Maximum aggregate size:

MicroCreteTM Top Coat (Fine): 0,1mm
MicroCreteTM Top Coat (Medium): 0,2mm
MicroCreteTM Base Coat: 0,3mm

Mechanical Strength(EN 1015-11):

Compression 28 días: ≥38N/mm2. Fine Compression 28 días: ≥32N/mm2. Thick/Base flexion 28 días: ≥ 10N/mm2. Fine
flexion 28 días: ≥ 8N/mm2. Thick
flexion 28 días: 10N/mm2.
Adhesion to concrete: 28 days: 1,75 N/mm2. Application thickness: 1 mm per coat.


Mineral fillers

Correction organic resins

Walls add aprox. 22% of clean water
Floors: add aprox. 27% of clean water

Applicable Standards


Surface Preperation: The application base should be sturdy and cleaned, dry and free from brittle materials.
A specialist primer should be used on all applications dependant on substrate conditions.

Mixture Preparation: In a clean plastic contatiner pour the material and add water upto the ± 27% for MicroCreteTM Top Coat and ± 20% for MicroCreteTM Base Coat , mixing and homogenizing the product with mechanical whisk at low speed (300-500 rpm) for at least 3 minutes, let stand for 10 minutes then stir for 2 minutes until a uniform mixture free of lumps.

Application: Apply two or three coats depending on the desired aesthetic finish extending with a trowel flexible tightening product well to obtain a coating effect. Prior to the application of layer to layer, then allow the above and perform lightly sanding with fine sandpaper hand tools, 150-180 grams, in order to remove blemishes and promote adhesion between them. The weight of the abrasive should be chosen and is variable depending on the needs required.

Application Areas

Suitable for coating and decorate high traffic floors, walls and ceilings of commercial and residential areas, type: Shops, offices, restaurants, halls, exhibition areas, homes, theme parks, furniture, shelving, countertops and ceramic tile bathrooms and kitchens.

Special Precautions:

This product contains cement. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and inhalation of dust. Wear rubber gloves and goggles.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not apply at temperature below 5 ° C or above 30 ° C.
Empty containers must be disposed of in accordance with current legislation.


The application thickness is aprox.1 mm per coating, apply 2 coats MicroCreteTM base and 2 applications of MicroCreteTM top.
Consumption is about 0.5 kg per coat for the MicroCreteTM base and 0.25 kg per coat for the MicroCreteTM
top coat


MicroCreteTM Top Coat, size grain : ± 0.1 mm
MicroCreteTM Base Coat, size grain: ± 0.3 mm

Solid part A
MicroCreteTM Base Coat: BUCKETS 24 KG
MicroCreteTM Top Coat: BUCKETS 20 KG

Protective Sealers:

For high traffic floors it is recommended that the PUSG sealer is used with the option of a sacrifical wax coating following cure.

Storage Conditions

The storage time is 12 months if stored in a dry and protected place from the weather.